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About Us


The Body that has come to be known as the La Habra Church of Christ came into existence on December 6, 1942. This group of Christians began by meeting on Sunday afternoon in the Townsen Hall in the 100 block of East Central Avenue. The Minister of the Fullerton Church of Christ, Weldon Bennett, Preached those Sunday afternoon meetings. After about six months, the congregation was able to obtain the preaching services of a student from George Pepperdine College by the name of Harold Paden and began having regular Sunday morning and evening services.

A building program was started with the help of the Fullerton Church, who loaned the La Habra Church the money to purchase a lot at 112 N. Lemon Street.  Construction was completed in 1945.

In 1954, three lots were purchased on N. Euclid and a building was completed in 1956. The Church purchased five acres at the present site on W. Lambert in 1968. The initial building was completed in 1970. The building was later expanded with the addition of the present auditorium and adjoining rooms which were completed in February of 1980.

Since the first building was constructed in 1945, the La Habra Church of Christ has been served by 17 preachers and has been under the leadership of 16 different elders.